Our Story

The recent revival of the Neuwaukum Wedding and Event Hall is the vision of the Gwerder family , a fifth generation Swiss family from Auburn, Washington. When they noticed the condemned grange hall they saw it’s potential and sought to revive it. With determination and old-fashioned hard work the Gwerders, along with other community volunteers, transformed the once forgotten hall into a grand venue ready once again for guests.


Redoing practically every aspect of the building was no easy accomplishment. They extended the hall to include a larger floor plan, wet bar, and stage. Adding to the hard work to restore the building is their friendly hospitality which makes Neuwaukum a great place to host your event. Neuwaukum Grange also boasts of great views of Mt. Rainier and extended outdoor grounds.

Originally Built in the 1890’s the Neuwaukum Grange Hall was a place for the whole community and now the Gwerder family have revived it once again. Enjoy the rustic but elegant atmosphere as you host or attend your next event.



Neuwaukum Wedding & Event Hall180th Ave SE
Auburn, Washington 98092