How to Hire a Wedding Planner

How to Hire a Wedding Planner

Posted by on May 7, 2014 in Wedding Planning

Hiring a wedding planner does not mean you aren’t capable of planning your own wedding. You may be perfectly organized and detached enough from the event to plan the perfect wedding. However, being the bride and the wedding planner in one is going to put a lot of stress on you that you don’t need. Wedding planners don’t have to do every single thing for you. In fact, most of them don’t, unless you’re having a wedding far away and need another “you” in that location. Wedding planners are professional consultants whose job it is to make your wedding go smoothly. They can be the main person doing the work, or essentially your assistant. It’s your call. There are definitely benefits to hiring a wedding planner. Here are some of the top ones you should consider when deciding whether or not to use one.

1. Planning the Perfect Wedding Takes a Lot of Work

There are more things to consider in planning a wedding than you may realize. This is especially true if you’re having a destination wedding that requires travel arrangements and accommodations for guests. Even if you’re planning a wedding in your hometown, you’ve still got venue, entertainment, catering, decorations, and a whole lot more to consider. Having a wedding planner from the beginning just makes things so much easier on you and allows you to fully enjoy your special day. Don’t be one of the many couples who tried to plan their own wedding, made a mess of it, and had to hire a planner at the last minute at a higher fee. Hire one from the beginning. You’ll really be glad you did.

2. Wedding Planners Already Have Relationships With Vendors

Rather than getting frustrated that vendors aren’t calling you back, or are giving you vague answers to your questions and just generally not being helpful, let a wedding planner in on the game. They already have professional relationships with the vendors in your area, and they can get results where it may be hard for you to do so.

3. Wedding Planners Know Who is Trustworthy

Let’s face it. Not every vendor is trustworthy, especially if you’re planning a destination wedding in a location you’re not actually in and can’t get to every day to check on things. Some vendors don’t have stable businesses, either. They may be out of business, taking your deposit with them, by the time your wedding rolls around. Wedding planners who work in the area where you’re having your wedding know the local vendors very well, and they know which ones you should use and which ones you should avoid. Trust them. They are professionals who do this all the time, and will do a good job for you.

Once you’ve decided to hire a wedding planner, you need to know how to work with one in an effective manner. There is an etiquette to the wedding planner/engaged couple relationship. Here’s how to make sure yours moves smoothly.

1. Don’t be a Bridezilla (or a Groomzilla)

Nothing will make a wedding planner bail on you quicker than being bratty and unreasonable about things. If you’re going to be a terror for the planner to work with, don’t expect the planner to retain you as a client. There is plenty of other business out there that makes dealing with your temper tantrums unnecessary. Treat your planner with respect, courtesy, and genuine friendliness, and you will get along fine.

2. Give Your Planner Your Honest Opinions

This is your day, so make sure you have it the way you want it to be. When your planner asks you what flowers you like best, which cake tastes the best to you (from your cake tasting), and whether the seating chart she’s drawn up for you is to your liking, let her know what you really feel. It’s okay if you don’t agree with her choices. She will work with you. Just let her know in a nice, respectful way, and you’ll get the wedding you want.

3. Keep in Regular Contact With Your Planner

Check in with your planner at least once a week until about a month before the wedding. This will keep you in the loop as to what’s going on and ensures you don’t miss any important information. During the month before the wedding, check in every other day, and then every day during the week leading up to the wedding. Your planner will probably call you, in reality. However, she has a lot of clients, so if you don’t hear from her, be sure to call. It’s okay. You’re not bothering her. She’ll probably be glad you called, since she will almost always have some new information to give you on the wedding’s progress that you need to know.

Hiring a wedding planner is just a smart thing to do. It takes the stress and pressure off of you and allows you to enjoy your special day to the fullest. It’s nice knowing you have a professional working behind the scenes to make sure everything is perfect. Just treat your planner like a human being, be nice, and keep in touch so you can be sure you’re getting the wedding you want, and your experience with your planner will be a wonderful one. You may even recommend her to your friends!

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