Choosing Wedding Colors

Choosing Wedding Colors

Posted by on Apr 9, 2014 in Wedding Planning

Other than the dress, the wedding colors are the second most important thing that any bride or wedding planner must choose. There are a few different factors that go into choosing the color scheme for any wedding. Keeping these factors in mind can help you quickly and easily choose the colors that are going to be perfect for your wedding or for a wedding that you are planning.

Bride and Groom’s Favorite Colors- the first thing that anyone should keep in mind is of course the preference of the bride and groom. Even if the color scheme is awful, if it is what is going to make the bride and groom happy, that is the color that should be chosen. Now if your choice is this simple and the bride and groom know what their favorite colors are and how they want to use them, then the rest of this article will be useless to you. If the bride and groom are set on their color scheme, then there is nothing that you can do.

Season- the second thing to think about is the season in which the wedding is taking place. Season can have as much sway on the color scheme as anything else. A good way to choose colors according to season is to think of a season and associate colors with it. Spring is great for soft pinks and greens, pastels and other soft colors that are very soft and beautiful. Summer is best for vibrant colors like yellows and vibrant greens. These colors are very bright and make any event feel alive. Fall is best for browns, deep oranges, and even reds. This denotes warmth and the feeling that the world is going into hibernation. Winter is best for cool blues and whites which makes for a very beautiful and calm feeling.

Overall Mood- another thing to keep in mind is the mood of the wedding. The scale of the wedding can make as much of an impact on color scheme as anything else. Smaller weddings are great for subtle and subdued colors that help to make your wedding seem more intimate. Bright colors fit the spectacle of larger weddings. Colors that are bright and beautiful are more likely to make for a happy affair than say black or very dark colors that can bring down the mood.

Time of Day- yet another factor to keep in mind is what time of day the wedding will take place. This does not affect the color scheme so much as something like season would but it does affect it to a great extent. Say for instance the wedding is at night, it is far better to have brighter colors to help bring up the mood and make it feel more like day time. For day time weddings darker colors can be used. The time of day ultimately affects the visibility of the color scheme and can help set a mood that fits with the time of day that you are having your wedding.

Any of these factors can help make choosing a color scheme far easier and can take some of the pressure and hassle off of both the bride and the wedding planner. By taking the time to choose the right color scheme from the start, you can be sure that you do not end up with a bride or groom that wants their colors changed half way through the planning of the wedding. Taking the time to choose the right color scheme can help make the most of that special day and can make anyone feel like their wedding is the most special day in history.

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